I person who sweats out the COC (clash of clans) on the daily this person may also like the real COCK
I'm not rushed my COC is HUGE and I am a COC master
by God = me May 26, 2021
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A male, usually over the age of 50 that pretends to be into cycling to actually take part in homosexual activity (most commonly outside).
Why does my husband keep referring to himself as a “coc rider
by Hagley vigilante December 10, 2020
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Honestly the fattest specimen available in the dildo store
Would you like a jathans coc?
by wankywank January 16, 2020
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1. In pronouncing CoC a long or short "o" can be interchanged meaning either "Cock" and/or "Cocaine".

2. A Trik is one whom (a.) has the cred/being known for preforming "tricks" (sexual favors in return for pre-arranged gratuities) or (b.) a generalization of a punk ass skank down for whatever.

Therefore defining a CoC-Trik as, one whom whores themselves for free cocaine.



{Jerry:} Hey tom ever heard of Emily Peanutface?
{Tom:} Yea... Buddy is friends with her on FB... But watch out dude, she's all "CoC-Trik'd" out & shit...
{Jerry:} ???
{Tom:} Buddy was sayin how she was braggin about her summer sayin she was "sittin on trains" wearin her "conductors hat" while her BF was at work...
{Jerry:} ...Shitty... sounds like a real skank... thx fer the 411 yo!
{Tom:} Peace
by Sir Edward D Hogginsworth Esq. October 08, 2009
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clash off CoC means to violently confront someone while "off" cocaine. CoC is a word for cocaine in Irish.
Person 1: I heard you and tom got in a fight last night.
Person 2: Yeah we had a clash off CoC.
by x92h35zku4 March 10, 2020
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