Is an Umbrella word for Ill. It could mean any illness. Used in England and maybe other uk countries.
*Ben and Tom at school*

Ben: Where's Matthew?
Tom: He's off poorly
by Clive Warren March 5, 2009
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'Poorly' is the sugar-coated way of saying you feel like shit!
Jack: Oh I sure feel 'poorly' today.
Joe: Yes.
by Mik Q July 11, 2008
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ill, brilliant, wicked, sick, best meaning something that is better than other things of the same type.
pj: "i've got some sick new garms"
Pete: "any exclusives"
pj: "yeah i've got some bubbles that are proper poorly!"
by big pizzete September 12, 2007
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Ill, but an undefined illness.. ie - you just feel ILL!
I'm not in work today - I'm feeling really poorly sick
by satsuma77 December 22, 2005
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When a piece of media from years ago references a meme used today and originated recently.
DanTDM 6 years ago on minecraft girlfriend mod: Here's a piece of bread and you can now go make me a sandwich!
Commenter: This video aged poorly
by [deIeted] August 12, 2019
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A man named chris that has swaloowed so much semen his immune system becomes low & requires high strength probiotics
There goes poorly chris swallowing the D again when will he learn
by Originalnuttahbutter February 4, 2016
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