A vagina resembling a blown-out, retreaded tire. Pressures succumbed to by shitting out children have left the former tight-lipped treasure trove in a state of disrepair.
The monkey at the Zoo holding the catchers mitt with a roast beef sandwich in it sure reminds me of Andrea's Clowns Pocket.
by Toosh April 9, 2008
A disturbingly loose and sloppily unattractive vagina, reminiscent of the oversized, floppy pocket on a traditional clowns' costume
I should have known, considering what a slut Tina was. Her fur pie was stretched wider than the coller of a fat kid's t-shirt. I could have fit six of my dicks in her clown's pocket.
by Tello August 16, 2006
She had a real clowns pocket. It was like stirring a bucket of raw bacon.
by Paddy October 21, 2003
a very deep vagina, one that can fit a surprising amount of things
BF: "Yo babe how are we going to get the snacks into the movie theater? You don't have any pockets or a purse?"
GF: "Don't worry I have a 12 pack of diet coke and 5 large popcorns in my clown pocket."
by xxxdonkey_dongxxx October 1, 2018
A very very loose minge.
When I went to shag this bird last night I had to tie a plank to my feet as her minge was like a clowns-pocket!
by ChrisJB August 10, 2006
A person of the female variety who happens to have a rather large vaginal area.
'I could hardly feel myself in her she had such a clowns pocket!'

'Donna's had 4 kids?! She must have a clowns pocket!'
by Ian S Copp March 22, 2006