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Clown Stu pid or clowness ooo fuk th at

Adjective- er- est

Fancy adjetive clownessness
Adjetive/ nouns/ adjetive enhancing nouns/verbs/ blahs/ blurbs

1) acting in a way not comprehendable by others : a clown
2) characterized by excessive disregard for their own dignity : a frat guy

3) taking or requiring way more thought than a blond: A soroity girl
4) to perform as a clown: clownster
5) to lack the proper boner : clowner
6) to think that you are some sort of super hero or more than what you really are: what a clownetron or clown respectively
7) to think you are cute and cuddly when your are definetly not : look at that clownymon go
8) the act of performing clownymon gesutres as a group of 2 or more: clownery
9) The act of lazy sloopy sex : that was such clonex
10) to be intellectually impaired but not legally retarded

11) when the thinking process is just not there

Related forms
1) clowny
2) clownster
3) frat guys
4) soroity girls
5) confused
6) clownetron
7) clownymon
8) cloner
9) clownery
10) clownex
11) clownterd

Word orgin and history
4th floor of some hall in some university
1) what a Fu***** clown
2) Look at that guy walking around in circles on his heels, what clowness
3) what a clown he looks like a fruit loop
4) Next morning call.... ( girl) what happened last night?? (guy) you wernt that cute so i coudlnt get it up all the way im sorry for the clowner
5) look at those two very str8 guys giving clownymon gestures to each other.
6) You gave me head and rode me like my blow up doll this was such clownex
7) what are these guys doing witch craft or clownery, seems like clownery, yup def clownery.............umm im out
8) i pushed so hard and felt like i was being raped while in the bath room and a 1/4 inch clownterd came out

9) shit im becoming a clown defining this word
by Richidinho and tavinho February 09, 2011
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