What weirdos back east and in England call the bathroom. WC for short.
Danny: Hey teach can I use the WC?

Teacher: What the fuck?

Danny: The water closet.

Teacher: What the fuck??

Danny: The restroom sir.

Teacher: No, go back to New Jersey.

Danny: I'm from merry old England sir.

Teacher: Well you can take your merry old dumb in fucking Jersey kid, now get the fuck out.
by Pimperator March 13, 2004
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When a dude is having sex and achieves orgasm while at the same time having a third person grab his scrotum and pull down enthusiastically.
Tim was gettin with this girl and right when he hit the jackpot, Patrick busted in and dropped a water closet on him. Tim was all pissed off because a dude was handling his junk but you know he was also kind of happy Patrick helped out too. Tims definitely gay now cuz he keeps askin Patrick to yank on him like a weed eater.
by Clard April 17, 2014
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When you piss in someone's mouth, and staple their lips shut.
Hi-Ya, you no pay for won-ton, Chinese water-closet fo' you!
by Mackdaddy_V April 8, 2006
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the act of skipping class in a school bathroom, closet or change room
person 1: let’s go to math
person 2: not today, I’m gonna water closet

person 1: oh where will you be?
person 2: the bathroom near room 302
by Spooky Fuckass October 28, 2021
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