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Anytime you ejaculate and catch it in your hand and then smash it into someones face.
Sally jerks off Jeremy and catches his cum in her hands, and then smashes it into his face

Jack fingers Merry and catches it in his hands, then smashes it into her face.

Tyler jerks off into his hand, and then smashes it into Jacobs face.
by DirtySyko September 13, 2003
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A sex act that compounds upon the surprise creampie by following the moment of shock and surprise experienced by the female with a sharp air horn blast to the face and completed by hitting her with an actual creampie. Sometimes an actual clown may be used to deliver either creampie.
You should have seen the look on her face when I hit her with the clownpie.
by Lamey McLamerson November 07, 2014
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1. Ejaculating in ones hand then rubbing on someones face.
2. Ejaculate on a object with intent to use for facial.
3. Pie that is full of Ejaculate.
Tylers mom cooked dinner well his dan would perpare the clown pie.
by Jimboozie October 15, 2003
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Josh Bend (bedn) created this word to compensate for erotic dysfunction. Destroyed many worlds before finally coming to rest at and settling as user "DirtySyko."
Yo DS, you'z gonna give-a clown pie to deh BazzMann?
U'z teh r0x!
by Late Night With Conan O'Brien February 21, 2005
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A word that is so "gangsta" that only white people know it. To jack off into your hand, on an object, or on a face for a full intent of a 'facial' cleansing.
by Vega November 20, 2003
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