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A wolf, or werewolf. Originally used as 'wofly', a mis-spelling of wolfy.
"Did you see 'Underworld' yet? The wofls were awesome."
by Vega September 27, 2003
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i wish i could have sachi just for a moment.
by Vega October 20, 2003
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APHELEON: DnB producer from the {U.S. drum n bass for the space race} www.bassfacerecords.com
by Vega August 27, 2003
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A person you find to be attractive (physically, mentally, whatever). Also known as 'puppy love'.
Saki: What's with the flamethrower, Vega?
Vega: My crush is dating another woman. So I went home and I got my flamethrower. Now where's that bitch Brianna?
by Vega June 13, 2003
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Vega will succeed Polaris in 12 millennia.
by Vega October 10, 2003
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First of all, I'm not your friend monkeydude. In fact, I'm not even gonna call you ********** anymore. I'ma call you Josh.
by Vega June 14, 2003
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A person who intelligently experiments with mind-altering chemicles, sometimes to the extent of taking exact measurements and keeping records of experiences.
"John is a complete psychonaut, last night he took 2c-i and now look at him melting away on who knows what with that notepad in his hand."
by Vega February 18, 2004
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