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Anytime you ejaculate and catch it in your hand and then smash it into someones face.
Sally jerks off Jeremy and catches his cum in her hands, and then smashes it into his face

Jack fingers Merry and catches it in his hands, then smashes it into her face.

Tyler jerks off into his hand, and then smashes it into Jacobs face.
by DirtySyko September 13, 2003
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A black actor who was once known as a good artist, whether it be a good comedian, musician, or movie actor, that has now become recognized as a talentless hack who keeps regurgitating shitty movies. Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, and Ice Cube would all be categorized as blactors.
"Eddie Murphy is the worst blactor I've ever seen!"

"Remember when Martin Lawrence made decent movies? Now he's just a no talent blactor."
by DirtySyko July 19, 2008
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