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It is when a player gets tapped by an opponent’s stick or a stick comes close to touching the player, no actual contact is required, and the player dives forward in slow motion and over embellishes this action, in an attempt to get the attention of the ref to get a penalty called against the opposing team.

The term Cloutiering comes from F-Troop forward Billy Cloutier, who hails from Middleton, MA and wears #9, as he has done this in almost every H-Puck game in the 2014 Spring/Summer League. It is shocking that he has not received an embellishment penalty for diving due to the embarrassment he is bringing to the sport. The fact that he was a 4 year Varsity letter winner for the Masconomet Chieftains makes this all the more appalling.
"Did you see last night’s F-Troop game vs. Village Pharmacy? One of their centers, # 9, was Cloutiering all night. Every time a stick touched him, he threw his body forward in slow motion and dove like Bobby Orr did after scoring the game winning goal in OT back in 1970.”
by Hockey Krishna July 11, 2014
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