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A unit used to express quantities of clout. Clout tokens can solely be lost/acquired through mass recognition of the public. (This mass recognition of the public is usually ignited by the recognition of an objective superior.) Clout tokens are either stolen or passed down. When one loses clout tokens, those tokens are dispersed and acquired in proportion to the level of responsibility one had in the loser's demise. If you are the beneficiary of this scenario, then you acquired your clout tokens by means of stealing. To acquire clout tokens that have been passed down, an objective superior, or giver, of clout tokens must show their recognition or interest. Although in a give/take relationship there will always be someone who gains and someone who loses, this is not the case with the distribution of clout tokens. In this scenario, the giver's clout tokens are not affected negatively and the receiver is the sole beneficiary. However, it is understood that the giver of clout tokens is responsible for any direct success that follows after their contribution. If this recognition is not given, beef ensues.

On a final note, clout tokens can be spent on getting a pass on controversial situations. For example, if someone has a high quantity of clout tokens, they can spend them on a metaphorical "Get out of Jail Free Card".
1.RiceGum stole Jake Paul's clout tokens after RiceGum's contribution Jake's demise.

2. XXXTENTACION is attempting to steal clout tokens from Migos after his assault.

3. After Trippie Redd featured 6ix9ine on a "Poles 1496", 6ix9ine obtained more clout tokens; however, 6ix9ine failed to recognize Trippie Redd for his subsequent success, so beef ensued.

4. Lil Pump was obtained some clout tokens after positive reviews on his self titled album.

5. Tay-K spent his clout tokens earned from his hit song "The Race" on a pass for his double homicide case.
by Hunter Leebz #JakePauler4Life November 16, 2017
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What you earn from being a man of clout. One must earn enough clout tokens to achieve clout goggles, then his journey begins. May receive loans from clout OG TheShellGod if your funds are low, just pray for a blessing.
"Damn man he really fucked your bitch? smh lost all of your clout tokens bro."
by ThotOfTheYear July 01, 2017
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