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1. To use two curse words in the same sentence to exemplify force, meaning, or strong emotion;

2. To curse twice as a way to make easily entertained freidns laugh
1-2: Person A: This costs too much! goddamn fucking Hollister!

Person B: Nice double homicide, man
by Jenny J. August 13, 2007
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1.) literal killing of two people sometimes falls into the territory of murder-suicide with no note.
2.) Hardcore aggressive profanity laced retorts when you see them used at the same time. Sometimes the language is mixed with ethnic slur laced prison language. Noted when fuck is used in an aggressive tone,
Oh shit did that investigative journalist use double homicide retorts to the plagiarist behind the Shadow Dolls Plagiarism Affair; fuck he plagiarized the writer behind The Cabbie Homicide. I read a little history about him the first time he took a swipe was with a pen drawing he did in 1997 as it was introduced in a chatroom. It was a KKK hanging from a tree like they'd do when they lynch someone. Don't ever lie to his face or throw a slur combined with the r-word at him because he would throw the fuck into the ground, as he gave chase to a thug in Cabrini Green when he was 19. When he introduced The Cabbie Homicide he shown the literary community he wrote the horror approach as it was a bullhorn for him.
by ilinoishorrorman January 19, 2018
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1. The event that immediately follows a double date with Jove and Muh Ghoul
Michael and I took a couple of girls out the other night - double homicide.
by green salad June 23, 2004
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