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When the G.H.I. crew (Sean and Ross) descide to DP Caitlin in a new fashion known only as the "Clogged Drain".
Caitlin- "...omg im so drunk off those 2 shots of vodka im hellof horny"
GHI Crew- "Yup thats the Ghb with XTC kickin in, what u feelin like? WANT SOME DP BABIEEEEE!?!?"
Caitlin- "Nooo that got old quick, I want 2 in the butt"
GHI Crew- "Ohhhh I can taste the blood already... your into that new age Clogged Drain shit huh?"
Caitlin- "you konw it....(*she passes out and GHI Crew takes over*)."
by GHB Rapist 143 March 07, 2007
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when the female queefs while her partner is ejaculating inside of her so it sprays out and he comes on himself!
jered was fucking me to much so i "clogged drain" and backed it up and he blew on himself!
by wewantmore September 09, 2010
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