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The ability to "read" a woman, it is an essential skill for any man to possess in a relationship. A cliterate man is one who has an "in depth" understanding of the cliterary arts.
In a standard university, chemistry students tend to have lowest cliteracy rate.
by Skrow January 21, 2009
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The art of being knowledgeable and skilled in the workings and details of female anatomy.

Noun: Cliteracy, cliterature
Adjectives: Cliterate (opposite - icliterate)
Verb: to cliterate
Nick: I managed to find her G-spot while stimulating her clitoris and caressing her left breast, resulting in my near drowning in cum.

Andrew: Respect! Your cliteracy levels have increased. You have been indulging in much cliterature.

knowledgeable skilled literate sex female squirt
by Captain Squirt October 26, 2010
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1. The quality or state of being cliterate, especially the ability to navigate the clitoris based on an understanding that it is fundamental to the female orgasm.

2. Fluency in clinguistics. A person well versed in clinguistic pedagogy.

3. Epistemic grasp of the precise anatomy, function, complexity, and internal and external scale of the clitoris discovered by Dr. Helen O'Connell in 1998.

4. The applied knowledge that female orgasms are not a happenstance, rather they are easily and predictably created with a basic understanding of female sexual anatomy

5. Far from a "little hill" as its Greek derived name kleitoris implies, the clitoris is more like a mountain, easily ten times bigger than the average person realises.
Tom wasn't lying when he said he had cliteracy. He made his girlfriend orgasm back-to-back!
by unknownsoup October 21, 2018
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To be well versed in all things clitoral. To possess an oral mastery of the clitoris, implying a much deeper knowledge than the ability to merely find it.
At first I wasn't sure things would work out with Charlie, but his cliteracy won me over.
by Powersnatch June 26, 2018
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