How did he get his clip-clops to scale such a steep slope?
by ebizzle85 January 8, 2014
To wander about aimlessly for one's own amusement.
Nate's late again. He's probably clip clopping around downtown somewhere.


I'm hella behind on my work because I spent all day clip clopping around on the internet instead of being productive.
by Halfy! April 8, 2007
irritatingly slow person who walks slowly and half shuffles their feet letting their shoes slip off at the heel. Easily identified by the "clip clop" sound made as they walk.
God, I got stuck working with "clip clop" again.
by sophie January 15, 2004
Another name for a Giraffe or Giraffes.
I was at the zoo yesterday and saw the clip clops. They were so tall!
by little scurries October 31, 2017
1. The sound of horse-riding in flip-flops
2. A Peruvian brand of chewing gum
3. The result of too much cow-tipping
The horseback rider heard a clip-flip-clop-flop-whoosh-clip-flip-clop-flop-neigh while jumping his/her horse.
by JunebugHorseLove March 30, 2009