A comment, lie, or activity by Bill Clinton, reflecting on his legendary and pathological dishonesty, serial sexual predation, or general ignorance.

"I did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky."

"depending on what the meaning of 'is' is"

"I promise to cut your taxes."

"I did not dodge the draft."

"I never inhaled."

"I never exposed my extremely small erection to Paula Jones and asked her to 'kiss it'."

"I did not have an 11 year affair with Gennifer Flowers."

by DontHateThisConservative March 12, 2009
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Clintonism is the political and economic policies of Bill Clinton, and his wife Hillary Rodham Clinton, as well as the era of his presidency in the United States.
This political and economic policy included:
Passing the North American Free Trade Agreement and create the World Trade Organization. Free trade was an essential component of his economic policy.
Balanced budget: Clintonism is associated with restraining the growth of federal spending, in order to allow lower interest rates and freer monetary policy.
Greater willingness to use and fund the military and show up a willingness to compromise on social issues such as abortion and LGBT rights.
Reform or reduction of some government programs, exemplified by the ending of Aid to Families with Dependent Children as part of welfare reform.
Internationalism, particularly the expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
Clintonism was a failure then and a failure now!
by Yobberson June 27, 2017
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To be killed under suspicious circumstances after being involved with or or eye-witnessing clandestine or nefarious activity.
The former business associate of the local crime family got Clintoned on his way to the courthouse to testify against them.
by vududady August 18, 2016
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Verb: To murder someone and make it look like a suicide.
Synonym: Hillaried
Guy: "Crooked Hillary was the worst presidential candidate in modern history."
Me: "Be careful, you might get Clintoned for saying something like that."
by thebearpokedback October 7, 2019
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When a person that has crucial information that can incriminate the Clintons is murdered and arranged in such a way that makes it look as if they commited suicide.
Jeffrey Epstein was Clintoned. Stop talking about pedo island or you might get Clintoned.
by @ilDonaldoTrumpo June 19, 2021
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a man in a position of political power who elicits or forces oral sex from a woman under his authority
I have a clintonizer for a boss.
by kbabe87 September 10, 2008
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Using a cigar for purposes other than smoking.
by ruff'myster November 2, 2003
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