When a situation or chain of events put you in a situation where your alleged actions or inaction places suspicion upon your involvement in a intentional or accidental murder/suicide or other such nonsense.
It is very Clintonesque of Trudeau to be linked to the murders of the pharmaceutical giant from Toronto....
by Leo D'enviro-NO December 11, 2019
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Having Clinton-like qualities. In matters of speech, to parse the English language so painfully at a direct question as to avoid responsibility for your own actions. In matters of conduct, to be more interested in #1, instead of the greater good.
His actions as well as speech are rather clintonesque.
by tradesman April 24, 2003
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1. Situationally involving oral sex.
2. Shaded by deceit.
Unfortunately my friend and i found ourselves in a very clintonesque situation.
by steveisright November 22, 2003
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