1. A slang term for Cleveland, Ohio. AKA Tha land, Thieveland, Land of tha Heartless, Wasteland, 216, Tha North Coast. This can not be used for any other city that starts with a C. The Cleveland/Akron-Canton area is home to 3.5 million people. Its a very diverse area near Lake Erie. Despite what haters try to say its not all a huge crime infested slum. Yes the Eastside of Cleveland and East Cleveland (East Cleve) is all a bad area, and half the Westide of Cleveland. Also parts of Akron, Canton, Lorain, Elyria, Euclid, and some Eastside suburbs are bad too but 4/5 of the area is a great place to live.

2. If you wanna be a smart ass there is a supermarket called C Town. These supermarkets are all on the NE part of the East Coast, especially NYC and Jersey. So if you are from Cleveland and you go to the East Coast say you are from Tha Land instead of C Town, or you may confuse people or get laughed at.
"C-Town" by Bone Thugs and Twista

(Layzie Bones verse)
"I'm from a place, really ain't safe, Cleveland the birthplace
Midwest niggas, yeah, we stay thirsty
Tim's in the winter with the J's in the summer
all four season's we stay workin'
ride with a g'
come and slide with a g'
with the true's in Tha Land we can ride to the beat
light it up, let it burn when you vibin' with me
gotta keep it real to survive in these streets..."
by 216ski May 18, 2008
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Cleveland, OH. Cleveland and only cleveland has earned the right to become this city. It is not Concord coughwhitneycough and is not Cincinnati or Covina or anything like that.
Dude: "Imma go to C-Town and get me some rocks!"

Bitch: "Cool. I wanna go back to visit my boyfriend!...wait, this isnt the way to Concord!"

Dude: "Thats cuz we arent going to Concord, dumbass!"
by bojzzle December 9, 2004
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C-town can and will only be used to represent Cleveland, Ohio
by Nympho ciacchi January 15, 2004
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Refers to Carrollton, Texas.
I would like to kick a shout out to my peeps in C-Town!
by MUmfff July 11, 2008
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The straight up ghetto of Coronado Island, aka "Crown Town." Where C-locs reside.
"Cruise up to C-town! Meet me at the LC."
by P and S September 29, 2006
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C-Town stands for the Chinatown district up here in MTL,Ca.
Guy 1: Yo! where we go chill ?
Guy 2: Let go C-Town man !
Guy 1: Aight, let go check out those fine ladies.
Guy 2: CHYEAH... Always!
by P-Side November 18, 2007
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Derived from china town brown, this abbreviated term is used by males to alert other males in the vicinity of an approaching asian female that will cause stimulation in the crotch area...Milk
Yo son, check out that C-town that just walked into the store, I think I just milked myself
... or ...
Hey man, wouldn't you just like to milk into that C-town's taco
by J-Tizzle December 21, 2007
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