Std that cats get from aids infected people. Also from the fagina full of aids
omg i got the clat
clat what!?
dude you have the clat
by funeral wolf April 29, 2009
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A Jamaican pronounciation of Blood Cloth, referring to the piece of cloth women use to clean their vaginas. In Jamaican patois, a Blad Clot is one of the worst insults you can sling at a man. Rastafari show respect.
Ya blad clot, take yere dam hands of me 'erb!
by Wizard of Oz June 11, 2004
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A contemptible person.
West Indian, basically means arse-cloth or ass-cloth for u yanks. The paper I wipe my bum with. As in back bottom to you yanks, again.
Eh come ere ya rasclat!
by sum sik chick August 1, 2005
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some money or change similar to schrapnel (english word, london)
lets go to town i got bare clat to spend.
i got too much clat lets give some to the hobo
by hutchy, mc January 27, 2008
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translates as "bum cloth", A derogatory term used to suggest that another person is so vain he uses a cloth to polish his buttocks.
your just anorda bum clat!!
by erdword February 20, 2006
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Means "Fucking" or "Fucker" or "Fucked"- generally the "F-word" in Jamaican street talk. Is, perhaps, associated with women's hygienic products, but nobody in the streets thinks of it that way.
"Bring up the bamba clat track!"
"Well this is Bennie Man, the roughest, toughest bamba clat from outta Jamaica..."-Beenie Man "Tropical Storm" album.
by Jay Clay October 1, 2007
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patios, jamaican cuss word

it come frum blood cloth wich was basically a tampon
wha dey blood clat ya duppy ass dooin tew meh dog
by RastaMonSavage July 28, 2011
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