an insult used towards a friend of yours when they are being a tool
Chad- yo bro, hows my hair look today
Bro- it looks pretty shitty
Chad-alright, classmate
by famguyfan84 December 09, 2008
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Classmate zone is when your crush is your classmate and you are not friends and he don’t likes you back.
“Did you told him that you like him?”
“Yes. I’ve been classmate zoned.”
by alsiit November 01, 2019
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Do we even need a definition?
It's just chaos ok
My Classmates are evil little crusty musty dusty rusty gross ass children.
by luweHFLI January 14, 2021
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when one ships 2 people in their class or from other classes
person 1: omg I totally ship Mateo and Adelle
person 2: do you have a ship name
person 1: Mattel
person 2:
person 1: what
person 2: best classmate shipping name ever
by That_One_Wierdo March 27, 2018
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On the 18th of November is slap your classmates day, it’s a free pass to slap your class mates without getting into trouble!
“Today is the 18th of November! That means it’s national slap your classmates day! I can finally slap Jake with out getting into trouble for it”
by Roxanne.lee12 November 17, 2019
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