Implying that a woman's breasts are fake. Or that one has had plastic surgery done to look more barbiesque.
She is totally mattel.

Hey Dash, check out mattel, 10 o'clock.

She ain't real, that is All mattel.
by Hadassah December 12, 2005
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Trixie Mattel (Brian Furkus) is beloved drag queen from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Now living in WEHO. She appeared on RuPauls Best Friend Race season 7 and All Stars 3, in which she won All Stars 3 (rightfully so). She also has a hit TV show on Viceland with fellow Drag Race alumnus Katya Zamolodchicova. She uses over the top makeup skills to look like a doll.
Trixie Mattel didn't rob Shangela of the All Stars 3 crown.
by katyasfagash May 7, 2018
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Drag queen who uses over the top eye and lip make-up too look like a doll.
Did you see Trixie Mattel's dress last night?! She looked like a barbie!
by Twinkb December 30, 2016
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Trixie Mattel (Brian Furkus) is beloved drag queen who was on RuPauls Drag Race season 7 and All Stars 3, in which she won All Stars 3. Trixie has built quite the empire with multiple albums, a cosmetics brand and 2.2 million followers on instagram. She also has a hilarious YouTube series "UNHhhh" with fellow Drag Race alumnus Katya Zamolodchicova where they tell stories of fights, drugs, drama, and sex.
Oh my goodness did you see the new episode of "UNHhhh" where Trixie Mattel told us about her being carjacked and almost killed?
by trixiesbitch November 14, 2020
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Female that is more plastic than human.
"Nothing on that gal is more than 5 years old. My daughter has Barbie dolls older than that. I wonder if she's stamped with a Body by Mattel" logo. " See fauxen
by MyDogHasAPirateBeard July 1, 2015
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trixie is what brian’s (trixies) stepdad used to call her when she was being to feminine and she had to fill in for a girl named trixie for brian’s first time in drag.

mattel is the toy manufacturing company for barbie.

trixies drag (makeup and clothes) is inspired by barbie
trixie mattel is an american drag queen from season 7 of rpdr and all stars season 3
by traceyzamo April 23, 2019
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1. A male person who seems like a strong assertive man on the outside, but closer inspection reveals that he is, in fact, metaphorically dickless and balless, like a male Barbie doll, which is anatomically incorrect; 2. A gutless, spineless man

plural: Mattel men

Not to be confused with a man being called a KEN DOLL, which is synonymous with PRETTY BOY or MIMBO
I thought David had balls, but when I got to know him I realized he was a Mattel man.
by uberJOY July 1, 2004
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