The candidate promised voters that Mexico would build the wall, but it was truly just claptrap.
by talk2me-JCH2 January 15, 2021
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A girl that has been passed around so much that she is 100% infested with chlamydia and aims to spread it.
Michael : yo did you hear about Stevie
Jonny : Nah what happened to him
Michael : He hooked up with Gabby she's a total Claptrap
Jonny : damn I hope he gets through it :(
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Absurd talk and ideas. Often used to describe someone drunk talking nonsense.
It’s bland claptrap!
She is a claptrap talking nonsense
by Mushroom1 January 3, 2021
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The act of eating a girl out while she is sitting on your face. Then before she is about to climax you bite her vagina folds and rip them from her body so that they are loose and trapped inside of your mouth.
My friend (Alexis) came over last night and I claptrapped her.
by UnwaryFour001 October 27, 2014
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Pretentious, pompous, nonsensical and or empty language (especially while pandering to an audience).
I've had enough of your claptrap.
by author September 6, 2006
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A person who is prone to catching Chylamidia, or one whose sexual hygiene (or lack thereof) is questionable.
Minh is such a claptrap! That's his second name.
by not claptrap March 8, 2008
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