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A suffix that is added to the end of a sentence to make it awesome.!
That is so awesomecicle! I am going to go eat a popcicle. Look at that birdcicle!
by Natashacicle February 10, 2010
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the act of pee freezing to your leg.
" When I popped a squat in the snow my piss cicled to my leg "
by Drake Eve February 03, 2008
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1. In Turin, Piedmont and Aosta Valley (NW Italy), chewing gum
Berto: Hai un cìcles?
Do you have a chewing gum?

Giaco: No, che sfortuna, l'ultimo che avevo è quello che sto masticando.
No, what a pity, the last I had is the one I'm chewing.
by Uslengh November 07, 2014
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