home;place of residence;place of business
"my bro just moved into new diggs across town."
by chost78 November 8, 2007
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inside information - the scoop - secret information
What's the diggs? Gimme the diggs. You got the diggs?
by AmagicD April 14, 2009
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it's a phrase that douche bags use to desribe their home or living quarters; a new spot, location.
I am a douche bag and I just moved, come check out the new diggs!
by Smashly262yo March 27, 2009
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Web 2.0 social bookmarking website created by Kevin Rose that relies on it's users to submit interesting news, images, or videos.

While the Digg concept and interface is great, the website is unfortunately hampered by many flaws.

The front page is nearly controlled by power users and it's nearly impossible for average diggers to get their submission into the front page.

As Digg becomes more mainstream, the core intelligence of Digg is taking a nosedive with the website slowly becoming a variation of 4chan.
Screw Digg, I'm switching to Reddit.
by death to hipsters August 6, 2009
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The act of not being impressed with something (derived from the uber-popular "digg.com").
"Steve!? Did you see that article on the new iPod Video?"
Steve: "Wtf. It's not even full screen and the headphones aren't even bluetooth. No digg."
by dep November 2, 2006
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A site created by former TechTV host, Kevin Rose, that uses a very unique feature to get all its tech news content, all the news is user submitted and promoted to the front page by people clicking the digg icon next to a story. When a story gets a certain amount of diggs it is promoted to the front page and everyone who visits the site will see it.
I posted urbandictionary.com on digg and it got 600 diggs!
by NateB September 9, 2005
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A "Digg" is when you have a very successful business in place & you make significant changes stripping away what made it unique to then make it into one of the biggest startups & failures all in one.
Digg.com was an innovative website in it's time but then pulled a "Digg" when they did a complete make over of an already established website to then go from one of the biggest social news media sites to the biggest failure news media site.
by Why DiggFailed October 26, 2010
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