Example: "Hey man, sorry I'm late. Some total church bell on the street wouldn't stop lecturing me about Scientology. Do you know what a thetan is?"
by Vabe Tellurion December 19, 2022
Unusually large glans on a penis.
Not tonight, hon. Your church bell made my pussy hurt!
by pentozali October 18, 2006
When you take a shit that is so long that as it falls from your ass, it leans forward and bumps into the back side of your balls like clanging a bell.
"I should have pinched that deuce off sooner and it wouldn't have gone church bell on me."
by jackwagon99 January 28, 2018
When you're having sex with a female and your nuts clap against her anus making a sound
Damn Sean, Kelly and I was church belling all night long
by Big dugg November 14, 2015
to flick ones balls. testicles if u will.
i will church bell your balls if u dont finish this sexx.
by angellllliiiccaaa December 1, 2007
the action of someone (inexperienced) jacking off a man's penis by painfully yanking on it. there is no pleasure derived from this sexual act, though the person ringing thinks they are administering pleasure.

the action resembles a monk/priest yanking down on the rope in order to ring a church's bells. in this scenario, the church bells are your balls, which are slapping each other with each yank.
Daniel: Hey man. Heard you hooked up with that freshman, Stephanie. How'd it go?

Andrew: Dude, it was terrible. She had no idea what to do. She was just ringing the church bells till I made her stop.

Daniel: Brutal. My condolences to your junk.
by UCLA_Chemical_Fungineer May 31, 2009