Someone of immense majestic quality, usually a noble leader that others seek guidance from.
He was a big Chugga to all of his friends.

"Big Chugga wants a nugga".
by Big Chugga Himself August 09, 2010
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One spelling variant of the short form of "Chuggaaconroy." He's a let's player (somebody who plays games on the internet) and has a fairly successful channel.
I love watching Chugga's let's plays!
by Soccerkins1234 March 11, 2016
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1.) Referring to a flamer or someone who's boring.
2.) One who sucks so much dick they chuggin cum.
Guy 1: Check out that chugga. He's a fag.
Guy 2: My girlfriends a chugga, she gave me great head last night and drank it all up.
by a7xmdor April 23, 2009
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Title given to soomeone you do not like.

Original name derives from a cult named "OMS Chugga"
Wow, he's such a Chugga. He should just like, never come out off his house again
by OMS_Chugga January 11, 2020
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An EXTREMELY large Asian person who is obese and, in a figurative sense, 'chugs' their food(eats their large quantity of food extremely quickly).
"look at this 'Chugga', he looks like the stay puft marshmallow man!"
"That 'Chugga' is eatin' that food like its water."
by Big Chigga April 05, 2018
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Chugga Chugga is a form of hardcore music. With guitars tuned usually to C or lower, open notes, and breakdowns. It is a music to mosh to. Favorable to Scene Dippys
On Broken Wings, Black My Heart, Bury Your Dead...

Guitar: chugga chugga, pause, chug chug, chugga chugga.
all over breakdown beat.
by akakizz April 02, 2007
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Someone who likes to endulge themselves in the drinking of alcoholic substances
by NemeSiS May 15, 2003
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