Scene Dippys are people usually from ages 13-25 that dress the same as the musical artist they listen to. They claim to be different from the rest of society but in a result of all them looking "different" they look the same. The preffered music of a Scene Dippy would consist of Screamo, Nu-Grind or Art Core, Mosh Metal, and "Chugga Chugga" hardcore. For fun Scene Dippys go to the apple store in groups and take picture using the Photo Booth option, they like to edit their myspaces and tend to take "artistic" photos of themselves or objects. They like to go to shows and "dance" or "mosh." But their form of dancing or moshing consists of not hitting each other and tend to be syncronized. The boys tend to wear girls clothing and straighten their hair so it covers their face. Eyeliner is encouraged for both sexes. Scene Dippys may start bands, in which case during practice they worry less about the music they play and more about guitar swing and what they will look like on stage. Scene Dippys are a lot like sheep. They are rarely scene alone and when one of them decides to get into something new, the rest usually follow. A lot of them tend to be Bi sexual, and very sensetive and emotional.
Conversation between Scene Dippys (males):

Scene Dippy 1: Hey you going to the Elysia, Vanna, Converge, Between the buried and me, Bury Your Dead show?

Scene Dippy 2: Hell yeah! my sisters pants are in the wash right now when they are done we can practice our moshing in the mirror.

Scene Dippy 1: Nice I brought some eyeliner! When is the show?

Scene Dippy 2: 7:00

Scene Dippy 1: Nice its noon so we have just enough time to get ready and practice our moshing!
by akakizz April 2, 2007
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