the feeling of extreme sadness; borderline depression
alternative expression: chudsly
Person 1: "My wife cheated on me."
Person 2: "Fuck bro, that's chuds."
by bigchungusenergy September 13, 2020
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A Jewish person who gets mountain bikes stolen
Dude!! CHUD’s new full suspension Yeti got stolen last week!

WHAT!! He just bought that with the insurance money from the Santa Cruz he got jacked on his road trip to Cali!
by TitoLibowitz March 18, 2019
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Dude, Chud jumped off my bed without hesitation. He is a badass!
by salmonraccoon July 16, 2020
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A chud is a typically conservative, reactionary, or generally right wing identifying person. Notable Chuds include (but are not limited to): Jordan Peterson, Candace Owens, Andy Ngo, and anyone who enjoys “Ben Shapiro destroys liberals with facts and logic” compilations on YouTube.
Did you hear about those chuds in Portland the other day? They were attacking peaceful protesters and brandishing guns at random people.
by Blake2002 September 12, 2021
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The act of getting chaffage between your ass cheeks, combined with the deadly combination of mud butt.
Damn you Indian food, you gave me some wicked chud butt.
by PaRaLLeLs February 26, 2012
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Some one that is proficient at stuffing chuds.

Word in use: “ Hey Mike, look! Billy is stuffing chuds again! What a chud stuffe
Hey Mike, look! Billy is at it again, stuffing chuds! What a chud stuffer...”
by MoxBenGix1989 March 21, 2019
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Booty chud is the crusted fermentation of booty soup after a prolonged period of time being held in the rectum. After 2 weeks, booty soup takes on a blackish brownish color crusting around the booty hole and sealing it shut, at this point the booty chud takes on the thickness of pudding
Hey mat, I’ve kept booty soup in my ass for 2 weeks I have mad booty chud now
by Strikegold June 26, 2021
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