of or relating to chronic, reefer or marijuana

usually meaning intensely good or potent
dude...that stuff was chronical...i am couchlocked
by scizm February 09, 2011
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1) very high-quality weed, generally with red hairs on it.
2) pertaining to a long-lasting medical condition.
From smoking too much chronic, Joe ended up with a chronic case of the shaky-shivers.
by Nick D April 28, 2003
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" I've chronicized my Bioshock habbit."
" all they need is a multiplayer, perhaps Bioshock 2?"
by Prophint November 13, 2007
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Infamous album by rapper Dr. Dre, which started the gangster rap era and has revolutionized that genre of music. The Chronic has some of the phattest beats ever created and those who have listened to it are blown away
by snorgle October 23, 2003
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1. Cough caused by heavy marijuana usage, similar to a cigarette smokers cough.
2. Newest cd by Slightly Stoopid, a kickass sublime style band.
Joe "I smoked so much sensi this year that I
cough all the timenow. "
Me " I think you have chronicitis man."
2. Slightly stoopid's newest cd "chronicitus" is tight as hell, fire up a spliff of some good sensimillia and listen to it and chill...its fun.
by Ibillin October 08, 2007
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Didn't start the Gangsta era, that was back with N.W.A. It did however revolutionize gangsta rap with its melodic, three dimensional beats. Before that a repetitive loop was used for a beat. Released in 1992 by Dr. Dre following his breakup with N.W.A.
Shit, playin' The Chronic just makes me wanna go to da hood and pump my hydrolics.
by T-Unit January 31, 2005
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