Funnily enough, it means something has a lot of chrome on it, not silver-coloured or platinum! The instance in which it is most frequently used is when one refers to a thugged out car's rims as being "chromed out" due to their chrome composition.
Shit boi, dat Escalade be rollin' on some fine-ass chromed out 26s!
by Mo'$ April 13, 2005
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1. Referring to someone with platinum all over their teeth.
2. Referring to someone wearing a lot of platinum.
3. Big silver colored rims.
4. Nelly's crib.
by Kenzie November 26, 2003
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High-class when pertaining to cars. Especially the detailing and rims.
by Anonymous December 10, 2002
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A new trend among web browsers. It consists of companies modifying older, out of date browsers to look more like the sleek and stylish Google Chrome browser.

Firefox, Safari, and now even Internet Explorer have all given in to this trend. All the while knowing that they will never compete with the real thing... which is: Google fucking Chrome.
CEO of Mozilla: Man, Google Chrome looks amazing! And it's extremely fast too!

Peon at Google: We win again, sir.

CEO of Mozilla: You there in the cubicle! Get on copying this new "Google Chrome" in every aspect except speed and ease of use and slap our logo big and bold on the home page! I want Firefox to be Chromed Out!
by LoDestro May 10, 2011
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As described by rapper 2 Chainz aka Tity Boi in his documentary "Codeine Cowboy", the Chromed Out 1100 is a sexual act in which a man lays a woman face-down on a bed (or other suitable surface) with her arms and legs extending to each side of the bed. The man then mounts, penetrates, and proceeds to "ride" the woman as he grabs onto her hands as if he were riding a motorcycle. The "vroom" noise can then be made for added effect.

It is named after the famous Yamaha motorcycle, as mentioned in the Birdman & Lil' Wayne track "Stuntin' Like My Daddy"
Homie 1: "What happened after she came over to your crib?"
Homie 2: "We got wasted and later on I did the Chromed Out 1100 on her. The greatest sex I've ever had."
by RisK August 27, 2012
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big rims, dubs, blades, basically big ass chrome shiny rims
Damn you got some hot ass chromed out bangers on you whip.
by skldjkdsa123 December 6, 2008
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