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The asian way to spell shiny, meaning bright in appearance.
Damn that quarter is so shiney!
by shiney monkey September 25, 2005
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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good, happy, fine, desirable, not too shabby.
Meimei, sleep on it tonight and tomorrow it will be shiney, you'll see
by browncoat annie September 20, 2005
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an alternate for cool, created because of an obsession with shiney things, therefore shiney became synonymous with coolness.
A:I got a new phone
B:Can I see?
*A shows*


A:How are you today?
B:Pretty damn shiney
by Anna Macnaughton August 04, 2005
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A Shiney in the school yard refers to football cards, you had swaps and shineys, the shineys were normally silver or gold which you would never ever swap.

You would also sometimes get a limited edition collectible shiney which were the holy grail.

A Shiney for grown men uses the same principal as derived from the school yard but applied to woman, so a swap would be an old trollop normally of easy virtue like those that frequent Whitley Bay, a Shiney would he a beautiful lady that if you were lucky enough to be with you would never ever swap and most men dream of that rare thing a limited edition collectible shiney.

Shineys to not have loose morals, mouths like fishwives and count thief sexual partners in 10's.

A Shiney is very rare and a limited edition collectible shiney is almost extinct especially in Whitley Bay.
"What a long shift in the door tonight, never mind I am off to see my Shiney after work"

"Come on see you drinks off and make your way outside and hurry ad I am off to see my limited edition collectible shiney"

"I thought that Georgia was a Shiney but when I got to know her she turns out to be a limited edition collectible Shiney"
by Stuarm November 18, 2012
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Also known as 'Shiney Liney'

1) Making the peace sign over one eye for a photograph.
2) Clipping fringe across the forehead in a 'scene' fashion.
3) A girl who is infamous for doing both of these things.
"That girl aways does a Shiney in pictures!"
"Her default is a right Shiney."
by Hattattackk February 18, 2009
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really pretty. as in time goes slow and everything else around the shiney person goes misty kind of pretty. (see girly japanese comics for an example)

also known as sparkly
(spots a hot boy/girl) *gasp* oooh shiney!!
by moo juice August 18, 2007
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