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When you defecate down someone's chimney and wait for them to turn their fireplace on, to the smell of a burning boulder.

Commonly done at Christmas time.
Daniel: Holy shit, do you smell that?

Florence: Yeah, looks like someone's given you a Christmas Pudding, probably Santa.
by Toffian February 04, 2010
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Feces found in adult diapers of an old person after digesting a fruitcake, which may still have the red and green candied cherries in it, resulting in a colorful festive "pudding".
Missy had to change Mr. Jone's Depends after he soiled himself, only to discover it full of "Christmas Pudding". She saved it as a gag pinata for her blind Mexican friend.
by Eman1187 December 26, 2008
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When you defecate on a girl's breasts, cum on it, and decoratively place a holly leaf on top
Steven: Yo bro that house party last night was WILD
John: Yeah, did you see my christmas pudding on that one chick?
by itsyourfavouriteboyever March 10, 2018
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A Christmas pudding is formed when one defecates in a large mound, resembling a pudding, before ejaculating upon it, resembling the icing.
Oh Wow, Barry just left a Christmas pudding on the floor for me to see!
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by DaddyKingKongDong December 01, 2018
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