A really smart beautiful person who just lights up the entire world cuz’ honestly she is great. She gets slept on because people don’t realize her true worth. She deserves a lot better than what people give to her but she is caring and funny so she puts up with it.
“ Damn. You are totally a Christie. Do you wanna go out?”
by Boombabytruth June 27, 2019
Christie is a freak of nature. She can be down to hang with my boys but is sophisticated AF. Christie ain’t no joke. She comes at you 100%. What you see is what you get. I’m an idiot for letting her go. She’s a sweetheart with an edge. Whatever you do- NEVER EVER underestimate her intelligence. This girl is already 100 steps ahead of you yo! I’ve seen it bro. She’s well travelled, eloquent, and speaks a gazillion languages, and loves to read. She’s a gifted writer, if only she knew that. She’s only clueless about how talented and special she is which is why she is hella sexy!!!!
“Who’s that girl? She’s so smart but super humble?”

Oh that’s Christie dude. She’s smart af!”
by MystifyMeINXS November 27, 2020
An extremely beautiful girl who is also the craziest, funniest girl you'll ever know. She's also very athletic and sporty. She's one of a kind and should never be replaced. You never want to break her heart or you'll regret it forever. She's also a badass... so don't piss her off.
"Bro where's Christi at? I miss her! "
"I wish I never left Christi"
"Christi is one of a kind! I love her!"
by Crazypanda11 August 30, 2017
Christie’s are dope a$ f<\< and can hang wit anyone cuz they bad like that! Christie ain’t a girl you can mess wit doe Because she a diamond- and she will CUT yo muthafuckin ass up and serve it to you on a silver platter and watch you eat it. Don’t let her classiness fool you doe cuz she good AND SHE HOOD!
Trina: Who that chick walking in like she gangsta?

Lamar: That Queen Be Christie.

by MystifyMeINXS November 29, 2020
She is smart and beautiful and great. Everyone wants to be around her because she is just unbelievably funny. She gets treated like dirt by the people she likes by she gets back up cause’ she’s strong.
“Damn, you’re totally a Christie. Wanna date?”
by Boombabytruth June 27, 2019
Being a Christie is an extremely high honor. A christie is beautiful, confident, outgoing and super intelligent. It’s not like being something common, unintelligent and dull like a Jenn, a Kristen or a Paula.
Look at that girl. She’s got it all. She must be a christie.
by Chris809 November 22, 2017
A strong woman with a determination to reach her dreams. Follower of Christ. Motherly. Hardworking. Creative. Country soul who would rather be in the woods than in a crowded city. She needs a man who works hard as she will help him reach his full potential while working side by side just as hard to build a future.
He thought he could conquer the world alone, but found life so much easier with Christy by his side.
by Perfect partner in life December 20, 2016