(v) To beat someone, esp. a woman
Man, she made you spill pop on yourself? I'd totally Chris Brown her.
by Wynterkiss April 8, 2009
To physically abuse, harm, or damage the face of a female, most commonly Rhianna. Immediatly after, one must "run it" into hiding.
Girl: I ate the last slice of pizza

Guy: Bitch I will Chris Brown you!

Girl: Oh no! not my face
by Shanon Brown February 21, 2009
To beat a woman to the point that she is bruised and bleeding.
Sandy, if you don't stop i'm going to chris brown you later tonight, you just wait and see.
by Sleepypandabear March 6, 2009
He is this generation's Bobby Brown and an example of a R&B career going down the drain faster than Bobby Brown's own career. The shit has really hit the fan for both of them.
Chris Brown has truely found his soul mate: Bobby Brown.
by TheLastFirstborn June 15, 2009
- n. name of famous RnB artist who bitch slapped and pimp slapped his girl (Rihanna).
- v. (trans.) to beat up; to bitch slap; to pimp slap
Boy: WTF?! Did you just see that chick with the dick? I...
Girl: Yo! Imma let you finish. But last night I had the best dream of all time.
Boy: Don't Kanye me or I'll Chris Brown you!
by apple_dapple January 17, 2010