Mexican reference for a women whom is married but loves to party, dance and drink. She goes to parties and she buys a bottle of booze, she loves to dance to every style and rhythm. She doesn't hesitate to quickly look for a dance partner. People look at her and start making noise like "Bravo bravo chona nadie te puede igualar. No hay mejor que la chona, para la quebradita." There's nobody better than Chona for dancing "quebradita"
There goes la Chona doing her dance again.
by 1545cvcbnmnmnerRnvvm April 18, 2018
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(La Chona) Nickname/slang most commonly used in Mexico for a woman who either hangs out with or dates Narcotraffickers.
Did you see La Chona at the party?
La Chona goes to parties daily and buys a bottle.

No one can compare to La Chona
by JoemamasGf December 22, 2021
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the nickname of someone who has big boobs. Derives from the slang spanish word 'chichona'
Cousin: Hey, Chona, I missed you.

Cousin (with big boobs): Yeah, I know. Ha ha.
by atxchona January 12, 2009
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The chonas is the skin located between a gentleman’s scrotum and his inner thigh.
Oh dayngus, that rash on my chonas has spread to my paynus.

This jock strap is really dingin’ up my chonas.
by Chonas Lopushinskas February 23, 2012
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The most awesomest woman on the face off the earth who is also pretty hot. Doesn't take shit from no one, especially little chonas' who are idiots.
"Dude did you see *insert name here* today?
"Yeah dude!"
"She's such a Le Chona"
"I know dude"
by MegaLe_Chona September 17, 2011
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A derogatory term translated to English which almost means whore/slut.
OMG Chistiana es la chona.
OMg Christiana is the whore/slut.
by White Mexican July 2, 2019
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A hairy Mexican girl with big boobs. She parties a lot and tries to fuck random men but they all reject her by committing suicide.
Fuck! My sister is a little chona! I must commit suicide!
by Eric steel April 28, 2018
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