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The art of choffing is for a female to vigorously pound herself at a rate of pace not normally known to man. Usually when the choff is finished, the womans hand is completely coated in a mix of cum and blood. Tasty.
Girl 1 (Phone) : Hey, you sound in pain, what's wrong?

Girl 2: Oh, i'm just choffing myself off, my vagina is caning!
by LewinsB April 06, 2011
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1. To take the piss, tease or make a joke

2. To flirt outrageously
1. Na bru, I didn't really see Angelina Jolie, I'm just choffing you!

2. Dude! She just showed you her boobs! She was totally choffing you!
by marsisafag March 09, 2010
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