Noun- The code word for love or attention.

Could also be used to stop arguments or problem.

To come to ones saving.
It's been a bad day and I could really use some chocolate milk

Please stop yelling I need some chocolate milk!
by The princess22 February 03, 2016
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*sshlorp schlorp schlorp schlorp* mmmmmmmmm oh yeah baby "moans" (in a sexy voice) "uwu!" ooohhhh yeeeaaaahhhhh mmmmm so yummy me have organism babby tittiys chocolate tiitty cows amamamamama moomoomoomoomoo wanna make me poop and pee and snot and barf and cume and diarrhea and earwax burst and crust rocket oh yea yea *sshlorp schlorp schlorp schlorp*
choco miwky chocolate milk
via giphy
by Cjfalz December 31, 2019
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When you're sad it turns your day around.
When your lonely its their for you
Even when you're bored their are the puzzles on the sides of cartons.
Chocolate milk is so good you'll cum from the intense pleasure upon your taste buds.
The kids at lunch came all over the table when they drank chocolate milk at lunch.
by xXGuers4LifeXx September 09, 2014
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When your anlal waste comes out as a liquid and not thick not lump its just pure liquid.
"Dude this isn't a wet fart. What do you mean? Nature Is calling. Dude its coming through your pants, wait it looks like chocolatemilk
by Thenoodles January 18, 2017
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