something yo ass gon get if you keep fucking other people
Clara got chlamydia because she was messing around with other dudes.
by trippleog January 2, 2023
When a dragon pees fire, it’s actually just chlamydia
Why wasn’t chlamydia dragon a plot line in GOT?
by Bill Gluckman 14 April 8, 2021
A bacterial disease where the bacteria is cringe
Being overwhelmingly cringed out
Middle School pictures give me a cringe chlamydia!
by florencezoo April 10, 2022
A combination of "horse manure" and "claptrap." A more colorful way to say "bullshit." Used to point out when something is nonsense.
by Supercapcitorfrombeyond August 28, 2016
What one would call a prostitute with a nice body.
Bill: Hey Joe check out that girls bod snorting coke out the back I'd tap
Joe: Damn Bill I didn't realize you were into Curvy Chlamydia
by IncelSlayer83 August 22, 2019
When you and your ex are having sex with each other and also other people
I don’t know if I can have sex with her anymore man she’s having a chlamydia pool party
by NothinbutAsh February 23, 2020