a movie with mice and a topless woman in the window
Topless woman info from : www.snopes.com (disney section)
by Gwen Stefani Grrl June 21, 2004
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A politician who stages rescue and relief operations while sipping coffee at a 5 Star hotel with media in tow.
What that pea-brained politician is doing for the typhoon victims is all press release! He is the typical armchair rescuer
by Bulalakaw November 12, 2013
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—Often a narcissist, a rescuer seeks out others who may be lacking in some real or perceived necessity (i.e., the homeless, drug addicts in extreme cases) and who may be vulnerable as a result, in order to provide them with the necessary provisions enough to gain notieriety and fame for themselves for their charitable and generous efforts while at the same time exploiting their unfortunate situation, keeping them in their needful state as to maintain and perpetuate the superior/subordinate relationship.
Carol doesn’t know that the her newfound savior is merely a rescuer who’s now offering his shoulder to cry on crying on after he secretly set the stage for her downfall.
by JohnnyWashington January 19, 2018
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Someone who's foot falls to the floor, hits a lego and Screams. They are the foe to manliness. They need a Floor Rescuer.
"Man, Johnny stood on a lego and screamed!! We need a floor rescuer!
"I dreamt of a man, who's foe was a sharp piece of plastic on the floor, laid about by little minions, plotting to hurt the poor feet of men! those who get caught in their trap, need a floor rescuer to defend them while in a weak position!"
by Are you a floor rescuer? June 8, 2014
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