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foreign visitors who come to see popular sites and attractions... but are often side-tracked by even simpler things... (a telephone pole, a school bus, a bird, a sandwich) signs of their attraction towards native features: accessive photographing, pointing of fingers
Tourist guide: Here we have an active volcano... it's called Killa wayyah...
Tourist: Umm excuse me!
Tourist guide: Yes ma'am?
Tourist: What's that thing you're holding in your hand?
Tourist guide: this? this is a sandwich, it would be my lunch
Group of Tourists: OoOoooh! Ahhhh.... (snapshots)
Tourist: May i have a taste?
by james eakmon November 17, 2003
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(adj.) a style of or as if a dog would do; the technique of a dog; doggy fashion
1.hey ma look at me! im eatin my dinner doggy style

2.i love having sex doggy style
by james eakmon June 1, 2004
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a code used by knights to be brave in battle, fight fairly, keep promises, defend the Church, and treat women of noble birth in a courteous manner
by james eakmon November 10, 2003
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