A racist term used to describe the people from Asia, especially people from China.
Person 1: I saw a chinko in front of your building yesterday.
Person 2: That's fucking racist, man.
by Brown Tree August 5, 2019
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1. A boner bulge on a guy wearing any variety of stretchy, skintight underwear, generally favored by Japanese males, especially gays.

2. An undergarment art form chosen to reflect the wearer's essence, spirit, take on sexuality and to announce breakthroughs in long-strand polymer fabrics capable of generating extended erotic sensations in the genitals.
3. Unobtrusive kink gear worn beneath street clothing and thus safe for work, mixed social settings.

5. another highly-refined japanese kinkform.
1. Hiro dumped a quart of porn slime on Yoshi's chinko basket. Bliss-blind edged him for hours.
2. Dude, check my chinko basket. My frat letters, embroidered in Spandex!
3. Those chinko baskets I wore to work for months were gateway thongs to codpieces. Busted!
by rethinker April 12, 2017
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a short person with a crooked front tooth and a brace. gives up on everything and is called gay and stuff by mark campbell. hates life and hopes to die
by insitiona December 8, 2003
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“Are you going to eat at a Mexican restaurant for Cinco de Mayo?”
“No, I’m doing Chinko de Mayo this year and drinking sake and eating sushi. It’s a Chinko de Mayo miracle!”
by Bunker Fairway May 6, 2013
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When chinks (chinese people) try to celebrate the border hopping holiday, cinco de mayo and ruin it for all of the jewish white people trying to celebrate it at taco bell.
Jew 1: God damn man, all these chinks are ruining my cinco de mayo.

Jew 2: I know man their a bunch of dirty chinko de mayo's!

Jew 1: They suck, they should be fixing someones computer somewhere.

Jew 2: I hate chinko de mayo's!!!!

Jew 1: Shalom!
by Donkeyfooh29 December 27, 2011
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