To beat the shit outta your dick, to beat your dick until it hurts.
"Awww shit morning wood... im bout to go Chicken UP"
by Head Chicken October 29, 2011
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to beat your dick like it owes you money
B: what you bout to do tonight
J: nothin my girl im just bout to chicken up
B: me too!!
by Holly Barry July 2, 2010
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The way a "dude" with dyslexia would brag he was "picking up chicks" when his friends asked him what he did last night.
Steve: "Hey Ron! What were you up to last night?"
Ron: "Chicken up pix, man! Chicken up pix!!!"
Steve: "You're a liar, just a liar..."
by von groovy March 30, 2019
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thats cool,
i hear you,
Yo man you see his new car? its fatty up chicken!
by Mliton and Alex February 9, 2008
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