A girfriend is what happens when you try to type "girfriend" but your fingers are trembling from anxiety so you type "girfriend" instead
Oh yeah I have a girfriend. But she goes to a different school so you don't know her. Pls retweet
by Michael Flynn April 30, 2016
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A man who goes from dating girl to girl. If they get in a fight, or the girl does not give the man a certain thing ( ie. sex, kisses) The man will dump the girl and have a new one within a week.
also known as a player.
" Oh look, Joe broke up with Jane. I wonder who he'll go for next ? "
" yeah , he's suck a Girfriend Cleptomaniac "
by applesz. November 17, 2008
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Worse than ur mom gay, ur dad lesbian, ur brother a mother, ur sister a mister and all the others combined.
James: ur mom gay
Mike: don't make me do it.
James: do it u pussy.
Mike: ur girfriend a bell end
James proceeds to collapse into a black hole and everything in the universe is consumed by the james hole. Mikes soul is now in a higher realm of knowledge and understanding, where nth dimensional beings coexist within eachother.
by OldBucketOfNachos May 26, 2018
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