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The placing of someone on another person's shoulders fighting someone else who is on another person's shoulders. This is much like moshing, but the two people getting carried fight each other.
Rachel ripped Ali's earring off in the chicken fight.
by vivianVORTECKS August 10, 2010
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A pool party game where girls ride on a guy's shoulders with the intention of knocking each other off. When playing in bikinis it becomes the objective to pull off your opponents bikini top while trying to keep her from snatching yours. The last player to become topless is usually considered the winner, but the game could be played past this point to when only one girl is still on a guy's shoulders.
Elise was really enjoying the pool party even though Wendy ripped off her bikini top during a chicken-fight; being stuck topless on Chad's shoulders added to the thrill.
by Brittany Bikini Snatcher June 07, 2013
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A style of fighting, originating in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada, where two participants hold on to their ankles (resembling a chicken) and try to knock each other over. The first one to lose their balance or let go of their ankles is declared the loser. It has been dated back to at least 2006, with the earliest recorded "Chicken Fight" happening at "DaVinci Sports Bar".It is rooted in the ancient Japanese sumo wrestling.
Participant 1 and Particpant 2 both grab their ankles and try to knock each other over. All the while, the crowd chants "CHI- CKEN- FIGHT!" (Chicken Fight)
by Dr. E Karst October 22, 2012
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A reference to Family Guy, in which protagonist Peter Griffin is chatting away or in the middle of some sort of mundane task, and a chicken (who had a dispute with Peter in an earlier episode) attacks him and a long fight scene ensues only for Peter to return after the fight, battered and bruised to his conversation or task as if the fight had never occurred. Sometimes these "occurrences" happen in real life, perhaps you and your friend have an argument or you have a 3:00am brawl with your neighbors, yet in the end you make up and things get back to normal, as if it never happened... hence the term "Chicken Fight".
Girl: "Hey how is your brother feeling?"

Boy: "A lot better, he's made a full recovery. It's almost like he never got sick."

Girl: "Wow, I guess he and his cold were having a chicken fight."
by Stonergoth187 June 08, 2010
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