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D.O.A or DOA

When someone or something dies before it gets where it needs to go or does what it needs to do.

An example would be when a person gets transported to a hospital, but they die before the get there, they are Dead On Arrival.
My dad was driving to work, but was found Dead On Arrival.
by vivianVORTECKS July 26, 2010
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As cancer continues to dominate the leading causes of death by disease in North America, professionals diligently search for a solution to reverse the grim statistic. Though we stands in solidarity, Skate4Cancer recognizes that presently the best tool we have is knowledge on prevention. In fact, hope shines with the understanding that 80% of all cancers can be avoided through early detection and health lifestyles. Inspired by this information, s4c strives to foster a public awareness for these forms of cancer, emphasizing the importance of understanding our bodies and family histories while engaging in healthful living. Through active involvement with youth, s4c endeavors to nurture a safe and energetic community that discusses the effects of cancer in a supportive, honest and unabashed manner. In order to accomplish inclusiveness, s4c events are free and all-ages. allowing them to spread the positive message to the largest possible demographic. Right now, the cure is knowledge.
Working together through accessing this community, s4c can combine all of our spirited passion to drastically reduce the presence of cancer.
by vivianVORTECKS November 10, 2009
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Give someone a spoonful of pure cinnamon. Tell them to put the cinnamon in their mouth and swallow. (It's harder than you think.) If they spit it out, it's called a Cinnamon Bomb.
That Cinnamon Bomb came out of my nose.
by vivianVORTECKS November 26, 2009
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Nothing is out of bounds when it comes to love and war. The rules of hard play are acceptable in war. In someones eye's "all is fair in love and war" in other words, in a war between love and hate, anything is acceptable or fair.

The only two areas of life in which you can be forgiven for doing anything are love and war. For example, if someone kills one of their relatives on the battlefield, it is more acceptable than murder usually. Similarly, stealing a friend's lover is seen as more acceptable if you love them, instead of say, just wanting them for money.
by vivianVORTECKS August 22, 2010
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The placing of someone on another person's shoulders fighting someone else who is on another person's shoulders. This is much like moshing, but the two people getting carried fight each other.
Rachel ripped Ali's earring off in the chicken fight.
by vivianVORTECKS August 10, 2010
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