The extremely thick and elastic saliva/mucous that only forms when the gag-reflex of a slut kicks in during extremely animalistic esophagus blasting. There is a general tendency for this Chicken Fat to seep and spill upon the face, head, chest, breast and neck of the female while taking such abuse.
I face fucked your mother so hard that she covered my balls in Chicken Fat.
by ShY5TR January 25, 2006
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The largest thing ever known to man. Dating back to times defined in the Old Testament in which King Chicken Fat of Dalmasianitarus is depicted as being a great leader who lost his life in an unfortunate Pong accident with Jesus. Chicken Fat can again be cited in the original copy of the United States Preamble, line one... "We the people of the United States, and Chicken Fat." However, no one would say this due to the belief that it was racist, and it was soon forgotten. The truth behind Chicken Fat is that it is the largest Government Conspiracy ever known. If one was to ask the President about Chicken Fat, he would say "liek wtf d00d?" because it is so highly classified that not even the President knows about it. Chicken Fat can be used for anything, be it shaving, lube, food, shotgun ammo, caulking, or anything. It was at Saratoga, Normandy, The Marne, everywhere. It cured scurvy for Christopher Columbus, it kept Washington's boat from sinking into the Delaware, it assassinated JFK and framed Oswald, it's done everything pretty much.

Just for writing all this in I am put on a Government hit list for knowing too much and now so are you, but the list goes down so head for Canada and start a new life, eh?
Borisch: Aye, comrade, have you heard the legacy of >.> <.< Chicken Fat?

Xaldan: Yeah you gotta be careful talking about that crap though.

Black SUV pulls up.

FBI Agent: Both of you are under arrest for spreading Class A12 C149 QX restricted information! Get in teh Car!

Borisch: Oh sheet!
by He who knows too much January 23, 2008
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To the untrained eye or casual observer, Fat Chicken is a very cute, and yes, overweight mini dachshund. But to those who care to scratch the surface for the deeper meaning, they will find a symbol of love and hope.

Besides being a loved and loving pet of a very special person, Fat Chicken is that symbol. A symbol which encourages us all to be tissue and organ donors.
"The situation seemed hopeless, nothing was going as planned, but she held his hand in hers and said "don't worry baby, we'll fat chicken our way through this"
by cca702 July 23, 2010
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a soon to be world renown composer/producer with mad skill and a rockin hair do. (1) fabulous with the ladies (2) skilled mixer and dj (3) often reffered to as the hot guy
bartender:"hey, have you heard of that dj fat chicken?", bar patron:"yeah, he's that hot guy with that killer hair due right?", bartender:"yeah, i heard he's a master producer! he's gonna be huge one day!'
by Sawyer Grooms February 2, 2008
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A sibling or parent that just simply eats to much, even though they don't gain any weight. If you ever have a older brother that looks like a twig, let them know they are a fat chicken!!
You: Kyle, stop eating all the food!! You are such a fat chicken!!
Kyle: I am a twig, what are you talking about?!
by Fat Chicken October 10, 2020
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