Ford car, SUV, or truck.
Guy #1: Frank just got himself a Blue Oval...

Guy #2: Oh, yeah? What, another 'Stang?

Guy #1: Nope, he got into trucks now, so he's rollin' in a F-350 Super Duty...

Guy #2: Wow! A real heavy duty!
by Ponyguy August 4, 2009
blue oval breath is someone who worships ford motor company cares only about ford vehicles and talks about nothing except ford vehicles
my buddy is blue oval breath he worships ford motor company cares only about ford vehicles and want talk about anything except ford vehicles
by littlejimmie July 20, 2019
Blue Oval Disease is common among Americans. It is a disease in which the person infected is completely convinced that Ford automobiles are the best in the world. The infected person lacks the understanding that their car or truck is not the best in the world. To the infected person any other automobile is junk and does not meet the American standards of transportation. This disease can have many symptoms, and examples.
Blue Oval Disease Examples

EXAMPLE- Rusty Wallace is gonna win because he drives a Ford.

EXAMPLE- You would not have that problem with a Ford.

EXAMPLE- Everyone knows that Mustangs are not the fastest cars on the road. The person infected will tell you his/hers is.

EXAMPLE- They are the first to complain about other manufactures design flaws, and how Ford doesn't have
by Tech Guy October 1, 2009