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Northeast Atlantic coast: tiny, harmless, translucent sea creatures from two to three inches across that resemble jellyfish but do not actually sting their food.

Southeast Atlantic coast: usually about six to eight inches in diameter, a jellyfish that is mildly venomous and identifiable by its four pink horseshoe-shaped markings.

Northeast Pacific coast: up to about fifteen inches in diameter, a jellyfish that doesn't have the long tentacles usually associated with its kind but a short fringe that sweeps food to its mucous layer right under the bell.
"When I was younger," said Sarah, "I would never go swimming when we went to the beach because I was terrified of finding a moon jelly."
by tomato-greens December 07, 2005
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A fresh load of semen that floats across the shower floor after casting one off in the shower.
Dude watch out for those Moon Jelly’s in the gym shower.
by Psmity November 12, 2017
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