just a thing is used when you are not in a relationship but when you wheel each other . Its like a relationship with no loyalty
p1 : i heard you fucked sara last night

p2: yea dude it was great

p1: what about cheyanne

p2: were just a thing
by Moniqueee December 30, 2016
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When someone from Alaska mentions doing something out of the norm, they can explain it by saying it’s “Just Kodiak Things”.
Baxter: during the summer in Alaska, people drive with blow up dolls in the back of their trucks to watch the sunset.

Megan: Why?

Baxter: it’s Just Kodiak Things.
by Memehayla September 5, 2018
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define "just my thing" This is something a person does which is particular to that person and not taught or copied from somewhere else.
It is just my thing when I make my coffee I only stir the cup of coffee once. I always sleep on the right side of the bed it is my thing.

Just my thing when I entering the data in the spread sheet I start at the 3rd column, I find there are less mistakes. (probably does not help at all with less mistakes)

Just Terminators thing “I'll be back!”

Just Johns thing 'Yippie-Ki-Yay Motherf***er'

Just Harry's thing "Go ahead, make my day."
by mac mcarthur March 31, 2020
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When some rando on a message board keeps posting useless links
"Why does he keep posting garbage tiktok and stuff?"
"Oh you know, just Jules things"
by MLDN October 14, 2022
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A blanket excuse the Jordanian CSGO player Adi uses for when he gets a kill using wall and or aim hacks in the video game CSGO
Person 1: Dude, that guy has to be hacking, he no scoped me through a wall

Person 2: Nah that's just Adi things
by Cookie_21__ June 19, 2022
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