often the name of angry strippers that will steal your money, and break your heart.
Bobby:Hey Johnathon what do you think of that Cherish girl from last night?

Johnathon:Well i think you should just drain your balls on her.
by camp13racer December 01, 2008
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Cherish is a amazing person. She is very bubbly. She pretty and loyal. If you have a cherish I advise you to keep her. She hides Cher emotions sometimes but just give her space. She’s really humorous . You can look at her and bust out laughing. She may be small but she’ll drop kick. She loves food ALOT! She one of the greatest people you’ll ever.❤️
Cherish: I’m hungry

Cherish: makes weird noises and is annoying 😭
by Hsirehc123 August 02, 2019
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"Cheirr-eesh" tr.v.

to taste only very slightly of cherries.

(compare with 'Cherry Coke' which is 'cherrier' or 'cherriesh').
"Hey doofus... this soda is soooo awesome - NOT! It's like, more cherish than cherriesh!"

from "Dude Where's My Cherry Coke?" by Zanyfilms inc.
by Neil Baxter October 11, 2005
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One of the sluttiest girl you will ever meet. She looks like a frog and talks like she smokes marijuana everyday. Tryna steal all the men but never realizes she can't. Cherish=SLUT!
She is such a Cherish!
via giphy
by AshleyMarr March 20, 2018
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A girl who’s fake and evil. She destroys that word in the English language and will most likely fake a mental illness, sexuality, life situation, or state of mind for attention. a spoiled brat who can’t accept she gets enough attention and lies about knowing things to be seen as a keeper of valuable information. She’s probably tried to fuck half the people in your town.
Person 1: Oh shit here comes cherish...
Person 2: Did you know she fakes anxiety?
Person 1: duh
by Imthesnack February 10, 2019
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