A girl who usually blonde, brainy and beautiful! She's marriage material and good in bed, a great cook and has a lot of balls, any man would be retarded to let her go. Everyone should spoil her, buy her things and treat her like God because lets be honest she's fucking awesome!
Person 1: What you doing tonight?
Person 2: Cherish
Person 1 kills Person 2 with jealousy.
by Blondeyyy October 15, 2013
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loyal friend; hawtt , usually an Aries; has great legs, gets the guy and has a fun personality; does what she wants; has fun, loves friends and family; great at whatever she puts her mind to; believes in everyone; has major sass , looks gorgeous with or without makeup; loves makeup
Cherish is amazing!!! <3
by HiBich ;)) November 20, 2017
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A very pretty girl❤️ She’s nice and caring but when it comes to someone being rude to her everything nice about the person turns bad! Try to not be on her bad side or else you’ll never get out:/
Cherish is sooo pretty!!!!
by YO MOMMA LIKES ME December 30, 2019
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You've just arrived poolside in a bitchin location. You grab a local beer you've never heard of. You take a picture of the ice cold brew with the pool and a few honies in the background and send it to your friends to arrive with them at 9am on a Monday morning with the line...
Cherish this bitches!
by Papawhitedawg June 20, 2018
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Verb meaning to not be able to handle your liquor or other inebriating substances and therefore acting goofy, horny and molesting everyone in the immediate vicinity.
"She drank too much, so now she's over there cherishing John."

"Why is she rubbing all over me?" "Oh, she's just drunk and cherishing you."
by that girl there October 28, 2012
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Your best friend, and essentially your sister. She's the one that you always go to for advice, cause she seems to to know everything. She's tough and intimidating when you get to know her, but she hides the fact that she's actually really sensitive, since she didn't really get a childhood. Even when you become really close, she's still an ass, but that's part of her charm. Even if you make fun of her for being short or not being able to get a girlfriend, you really love her. You're thankful you got the chance to meet her and become close, cause she's one of the most important people in your life
Cherish help, Andy is talking about eating digits
by Zestful Maple July 31, 2019
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